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Tech post # 10 😿😭🤝👍🥽🥺

I started doing my automata. Today is the last day to finish. I am obviously not going to finish so i will go to lunch every day next week. I cut four little squares and glued them to the corners. I also cut circles and used the scroll saw to cut them out. It was scary, cool, and fun all at the same time. I really enjoyed technology and am sad to leave. Bi!

Tech post #9

I started doing my automata! I am going to make it a koala going up a tree and down. I am going to use a small wheel. I will start making the automata the next day. I got a box and around eight pieces of little cardboard. I am excited to start and have been waiting a long time to make it.

Tech #8

This blog post I will be discussing how I made my flashlight look like a strawberry!! I figured big black dots would make it look like a watermelon so I made little black dots because strawberries have little black dots. Big black dots would look like seeds of a watermelon. I am happy that at first everyone thought it was a watermelon because I improved on it.

Tech post #7

I colored my flashlight green on the top and red everywhere else. 1 out of 30 people said the flashlight looked like a watermelon. That was my first plan but after I saw somebody somebody else doing a watermelon and I didn’t want to copy anybody. So I made a strawberry. It doesn´t really look like a strawberry. Read my next blog to find out how I made it look likea strawberry.

Tech post #6

I finished my flash. Kirwin helped me more than half of the project so I “Technically” owe him my whole project but he is nice enough to give me my flashlight. I got to use the Drill Press for the first time. That’s not all. I also got to sauter my circuit. I was so much fun. I learned that sauter looks like metal. I used to think the sauter was the hot thingie. I enjoyed the project but I have to admit it was frusturated and overwhelming.

Tech post #3

This week we learned a lot about self driving cars and that they require a lot of very complicated coding. Self driving cars need to make tough decisions and if the car makes a mistake, the price may be very severe. People don’t need self driving cars so I think people should focus something more serious.

Jazz Band… (will I join or not???????????????????

This year I had a choice to go to jazz band and I wanted my brother to check it out and see if he liked it or not so he went. A few months later, he said I don’t like it so much so I don’t think I will go but……….. I MIGHT CHANGE MY MIND??? My thought of me going to jazz band and performing on stage is a yes but also a no so it’s 51 percent yes and 49 percent no.