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Five Kingdoms

A boy named Cole has went to a haunted house with his friends and when they said it wasn’t scary enough,so the people who worked there brought them down to a basement and locked the door. Then other men came in and tried to catch them but suddenly the lights turned off! Everybody was running around and screaming but Cole crashed in the wall and fell under the curtain and stayed there not moving. When the light was turned on, The people who worked there tackled all the kids except for him and put then into cages. Then the people sent the kids into a portal and the people went also. THEY HAD BEEN TRANSPORTED INTO ANOTHER WORLD!!!

Book club book (The Janitors Boy)

think everybody in the school is ACCEPTED accept for Jack. Jack is REJECTED The teacher caught him sticking gum on the bottom of the table so know he has to be on gum patrol. I think it is unfair for him to be on gum patrol because other kids also stick gum on the bottom of the tables and they don’t have to do it.

Book club book

David can’t control himself without his rules. One reason he can’t control himself without his rules is he writes down his rules on purpose. He writes them down because he then follows his rules. If he writes down his rules and doesn’t follow them he will behave EVEN WORSE than he does right now!!! David writes his rules not so he will just through out his rules, he uses them. After EVERYTHING I have wrote (and read) I think David is spoiled.



Book clubs: Rules – jot one

David can’t control himself. I think this is leading to a social issue of some sort he has. But I also think sometimes he can act good and not act like he has a issue. I think David can’t control himself.  He can’t control himself because of his problems. One detail is he needs rules to remind himself how to behave. Another detail is without his rules he doesn’t know how to behave. After everything I have wrote, I think he has problems.