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Passion Project day #3

Today I accomplished all of my organization in the shark slide. I also splitted information into two slides. I added  pictures so there isn’t only writing. I continued the snake slide. I learned that If the snake is fat and has a fat head, that means that it is poisonous. If it is skinny, then it is completely harmless. Tommorow I plan to get three quarters done of the snake.   


Passion project day #2

Today I accomplished the whole shark category and started snake category. I learned that sharks kill approximately 10 people a year. I also learned all of these facts about sharks.

What to do if they attack you

How often do they attack you

Kills against humans

Where they live

Where we should be careful


Tomorrow I plan to continue the snake category


Stop Motion #2

Today was our second day of immigration stop motion video taking. We had so much success in our try today. We got to make our stop motion say TRANSPORTATION and then everything would get crumpled. Then it would say IN IMMIGRATION and the the letters would go into a pile. Then Finally, It would resort the pile and say by ALEX MAX AND HARRY. I am really looking forward to doing it again. This is a very good stop motion video I pulled up from youtube…



Today, we did stopmotion. We had troubles like we had to change the angle of the camera and stabalize the table with a fat pack of post-its. In the end of 1 and a half hours we had a very good beginning.


Rube Goldberg Blog post #6

At first when I came to my partners house, we did not know what to do and we thought we were going to fail big time. #1, we couldn’t come up with a goal. On the next playdate, we came up with a goal! We had no idea how we would start our RubeGoldberg and finish it. We thought of  box with dominos would start us of and that was actually a great idea (as you can see in the video which is in blog post #5). We had a great time and it was fun.




Rube Goldberg blog post #5

In my opinion, the hardest thing we had in our project was setting the dominos up again and again. Also, the easiest thing to do was to watch everything get knocked down. The easiest thing to do is the one that is really fun.





Rube Goldberg Blog post #4

I learned lots of stuff during this project! I learned that my concentration and patience really comes in handy. We had to set all the dominoes up a lot of times. That was the hardest part. Also, if we set up the dominos a lot, we will get VERY frustrated and we will get bored with this project VERY fast. Lets hope we won’t have to set it up a lot of times



When I came to my partners house I brought around 35-40 dominos and we were building and building with them but we actually needed more. Then, I got 55 more dominos and my partner and I still don’t know if that’s going to be enough but we do hope that is going to enough. In all that is around 95-100 dominos. We need all these dominos because our RubeGoldberg project is mostly going to be all Dominos.


Rube Goldberg #1

We are doing a Rube Goldberg project with a partner. A Rube Goldberg is something that has chain reaction in it. It requires a sketch and plenty of tries. For me and my partner, I think we will need around 50 tries until it works successfully. Here is a RubeGoldberg Gif.








I really like soccer! I mostly like being goalie because when somebody shoots you can jump and hit the ball away. You also get really muddy. If you save the ball you get to kick the ball wherever you want and how far you want. But the bad thing about being a goalie is if the other team scores on you than everyone is going to think you are not so good at goalie.


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