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Passion Project Final!!!!

Here is my Passion Project!!!!!!!! This was a very fun project and I finally get to share it on my blog!! Hope you enjoyed and learned a lot

Salva southern Sudan blog post

In class, we started to read a Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park and we are talking about LEADERSHIP!!! Some qualities of effective leaderships are bravery, determination, persistence, and confidence. A leader needs these qualities because they are the head of the group and they make all the decisions. Salva demonstrates these qualities by wanting everyone to look for his family and wanting himself to look also and he is not giving up. This shows that he is determined because he is not going to give up. Salva’s philosophy might help me in my life by setting an example of his bravery and persistence and reminding me of the fact that my problems might not be so terrible after all. Perseverance is important because if he gave up right away when he failed, he would not be able to survive or find his family. You could better develop the ability to persevere by practicing to be a good leader and by gaining more confidence in yourself.Image result for emoji determination