Fantasy Blog #1

In English were are doing a fantasy unit where we write a paragraph for each of the 4 books we read. To be honest I really don’t like fantasy at all. It not interesting and it doesn’t hook me. I don’t have a favorite book because I never read it because I don’t like it. I am reading The Metropolitans, Bunnicula, A Wrinkle in Time #1 and The Graveyard.

Technology #1

Today I learned how to make your post visible to the outside world. First you press settings, then you go to reading and press the discourage search engines from indexing this site. Don’t forget to save changes. I also learned about tension, brittleness, strength etc. Can’t wait to learn more.

Passion Project #7

Some pros are that I can work on the project longer because school is shorter. Another pro is that I am very focused at home. Some challenges are that I have other work so its hard to do a lot everyday. I have learned that I am a good time manager and a good researcher. I have learned that I can’t ask my teachers anything so I just need to think on my own.