Tech post #8

This week I watched a video on metals and we learned about the periodic table. In the video about metal we learned  about gold and how once there was fire we left the Stone Age. Then we took a 3 question google form about the video.

Tech post #7

This week I made a electroscope. Mine sadly didn’t work but it was fun to make. I used a clear class cup then I used cardboard circle for the top and then I but the paper clip with the pieces of tinfoil inside the cup. Then rubbed the ballon on felt. It was supposed to make the tinfoil pieces spread out.

Fantasy Blog #1

In English were are doing a fantasy unit where we write a paragraph for each of the 4 books we read. To be honest I really don’t like fantasy at all. It not interesting and it doesn’t hook me. I don’t have a favorite book because I never read it because I don’t like it. I am reading The Metropolitans, Bunnicula, A Wrinkle in Time #1 and The Graveyard.