January 17

Is There Such Thing as Too Much Technology?

We are surrounded by technology in our world today. We need technology to start our cars, heat our homes, play music, and give us directions when we’re in the car. In fact, technology plays a role in so much of our everyday life. If we depend on technology so much, how would we know if we’re addicted — that is, we’re so dependent on it, we can’t go without it. Take a look at this video to hear one teenager’s story about technology addiction.

Do you use any technology that makes you feel that you always have to be on it? Click on the Comment space below to explain your response.


March 28

Can They? Yes They Can.

This commercial from Microsoft shows the reality that girls today are unlikely to pursue or achieve in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields and how this reality can motivate today’s girls to think about the possibilities in their future. In the Reply section below, please answer these two questions: Who is the intended audience of this video? What techniques or storytelling elements (pictures, music, editing, spoken words, body language, etc) does Microsoft use in this video to show that girls today should have reason to hope?

March 22

How Do You Define Sport?

How do you define sport or athlete? There are nearly 60 events in the Summer and Winter Olympics, but each year there are some that get people to stop and ask, “How is this a sport?” And then there’s another event that’s become very popular in competitive sports world — Sport (Cup) Stacking. Watch the video below to learn about this fast growing sport! Then reply to this post with a response to the question — What makes cup stacking a sport?