January 17

Is There Such Thing as Too Much Technology?

We are surrounded by technology in our world today. We need technology to start our cars, heat our homes, play music, and give us directions when we’re in the car. In fact, technology plays a role in so much of our everyday life. If we depend on technology so much, how would we know if we’re addicted — that is, we’re so dependent on it, we can’t go without it. Take a look at this video to hear one teenager’s story about technology addiction.

Do you use any technology that makes you feel that you always have to be on it? Click on the Comment space below to explain your response.


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19 thoughts on “Is There Such Thing as Too Much Technology?

  1. nng28

    Yes, I play fortnite and I cannot stop playing it. I think I play a lot I mean a LOT like 8:00 in the morning to like 12. I feel like I just play it to much.

  2. rcai28

    Sometimes because every time we have indoor recess I always rush to get my snack and then rush to get my chromebook and then rush to sit on the carpet and log in to my chromebook and start playing games on it.I play on it until the end of indoor recess.

  3. jcarter28

    Yes I am addicted to a game called fortnite and a game called dragon war. I play those games about from 4.00-5.30 and I rely like them and literally play nothing else except those games for all my screen time.

  4. mfourgoux28

    Yes its called fortnite and I am addicted to because I play from 4:00-7:00 and my opinun it is a lot. Also I play subnautica and play it almosed as long as fortnite and that is a lot in my opinune.

  5. amakarov28

    I feel like I’m kind of addicted because a only play for like a few video games on the weekend, well sometimes I can’t stop, so my mom has to stop me.

  6. ltamura28

    I have a phone and I think I always need to be on because I have contract with my mom and my dad and my Japanese grand parents and I don’t think that I am addicted because I have a lot of work and homework and because my keep saying:don’t play with your phone Lynn!And this is why I think I’m not addicted.

  7. tmshkreli28

    yes i think i have to be on technology so i can play Fortnite i am addicted so i can play with my friends. i use it three o clock to five o clock only on weekends. i feel that way because if i miss any thing i will get sad like lets say soaring fifty’s was back i would miss it.

  8. hnonaka28

    When I start playing a game on my parent’s phone,I sometimes can’t stop playing because I try to finish the level l’m on and when I’m done I think to myself,”1 more level.”. But when I finish,I play another level— that’s how I can’t stop playing.

  9. gchamon28

    NO because sometimes I want to play outside and you will get addicted to electronics and you can’t be on electronics forever.

  10. azitrin28

    no but my sisters go on their phone all the time. lots of times when I am in the car they are on their phone the whole time

  11. cgentilini28

    Yes, I play Cat around Asia. I like the game because It has different levels. Even because when I finish every “chapter” there are different foods like cheese. Sometimes I don’t know what the food is. The best part is that there is also Cat around Europe and other ones. So, yes I think I am a little bit addicted.


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