April 3

Dr. Jane Goodall: How Every Individual Can Make a Difference

Dr. Jane Goodall has spent her life trying to make sense of how living things share our planet. What do you think your personal responsibility is to the planet, to humans, and other animals? Watch the video below and then leave your thoughts in the Comment section.

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41 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Goodall: How Every Individual Can Make a Difference

  1. amakarov28

    Just a little thing like not littering in the forest or just trying not to bother the animals can make a difference, so doing that every time you can is your personal responsibility.

  2. azitrin28

    I think my responsibility to the planet,animals,and other humans is to try to save water if I see trash in the road pick it up.recycle and turn off the lights when I am done to save electricity.

  3. ltamura28

    I think our job is about helping the animals and use less things from nature so animals can make more homes,so there is room for animals,humans,and species in the world.

  4. mfourgoux28

    I kinda feel bad for the animals in the forest because there home is dying because of us. what if that was happening to you.

  5. rcai28

    I think my personal responsibility is to recycle things that are recyclable so animals in the sea don’t choke on the plastic or something.

  6. axu28

    i think that i can help the animals by stopping people from cutting down trees so the animals can build their own habitat from all sorts of precipitation.

  7. cgentilini28

    I think that my personal responsibility to the planet is to NEVER LITTER. For humans, is that when I take a shower, never waste water. For animals, is do a stand, and with the money that I earned, I will give it to the animal shelter.

    From Clarissa

  8. tmshkreli28

    i would try to save all the animals from people killing they habitat i hope you. also you should follow my advice. please also not try to kill animals.

  9. gchamon28

    I think my job is to help the animals that live in the forest by NOT letting the people cut the trees and change they minds and help save the environment.


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