Capstone #7

Presenting was a bust. Or was it… let’s find out.


On day one for presenting, I was disappointed. About seven people came to my station. I was hoping to get more than at least 10 people, but apparently that didn’t happen. Also, the people who looked at my i-movie looked really bored and was probably saying in their minds, “Ugh i’m soooooooooooooo bored” or “c’mon hurry uuuupppppppppp!!!” I wasn’t really happy with the results.

On day two, only my mom came and watched my i-movie at my station, while all the other parents just looked at my station. I was happy with the results for that day because people (also known as my mom) actually looked at my blog, which was very exciting for me. But since it was was the last day presenting capstone, I was a bit sad, because I would never be able to do this again.

Overall, for capstone, it was an incredible journey through all the research, time and effort to do all of this work. Anyway, I loved capstone and i’m sure the next 5th graders will love it too!

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