Meeting Grace Lin

When I was sitting down in front of Grace Lin, I felt a rush inside, I was going to sit in front of someone who went to the White House! We had watched a Ted talk about her in the morning, and I ha been thinking about her all day. I found out that she felt bad because she was the only Asian girl in her class. I couldn’t believe that someone so famous, and cool, ever wanted to change who ¬†they were. I felt bad that kids had told her that she couldn’t do things, because she is Asian. Anyway, she taught us about how to draw a lucky tiger, and how it had to have a lucky number of stripes. Also, she said that the number four, brought death in China! She also taught us “thank you”, in Chinese, xie xie (shea shea), and bye-bye, in Chinese, zai jain. Overall, Grace Lin taught us a lot about her childhood, and her culture.

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