My Tiny Room Thing

  Before you say anything, I am not complaining about my small room. I actually made a small room thing out of cardboard. So how are they this is that my dad got this tiny speaker so I took the box and I cut off one side to make it like look at the room from a person’s point of view. What is inside is basically just a lot of those thin cardboard tags and I cut up to make the bed,chair, and desk. I made the bed with the tags and used paper for the blanket and pillow. What I used to make the bean bag is I used a little squishy ball, cut it in half, and coated it with white-out. The problem with this is that the white-out cracked a lot but I didn’t really get bothered with that. I made the laundry basket with an old glue cap and covered it with white-out and tissue paper. Then I made the desk with layers of tags and covered it with tissue paper. On the desk I made a laptop, some papers, and a desk lamp. The papers were made out of paper, the laptop was made out of tags, and the desk lamp was made out of extra plastic from a toy syringe and glow stick connectors. The chair is made out of tags and the syringe. The last thing I added was some picture frames. The chandelier I’m still working on but that is how I made my tiny room thing.

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