Rube Goldberg Plan

We started doing a Rube Goldberg project. A Rube Goldberg project is a complex set of chain reacting objects that use energy or force. The set of chain reacting objects completes a simple task. Me and my partner’s task is to open a laptop. The way we started it is that we are going to pull backwards a car that springs forward when you pull it back and the car starts moving down the ramp. The car hits another car which is attached to weights which pulls the weights off of a springboard. That makes the ball lying on the springboard bounce up and hit a piece of wood with a cup on top of it. Since the cup is on top of the wood, it knocks over. The cup has weights inside and is attached to the weights on the pulley so it pulls the weights on the pulley down. The weights were the same weight as the books also attached to the pulley so now that it is off, the books fall down to the ground. Instead of the ground though, the books will fall on a wood plank which was wedged in the laptop. The books hit the wood plank which makes the side that the plank was wedged in go up. Now that it is up, the laptop is open! That was my groups Rube Goldberg project.


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