Rube Goldberg Ideas

The way we got an idea for our Rube Goldberg machine is we first thought of what we want to be the simple task. We chose opening a laptop. The way we actually thought of the chain reaction is we thought of the the simple task, opening a laptop, and started it with something that is able to open a laptop, like a wood plank. Then we worked backwards and got to our last step, which is that we pull back a car that springs forward when you pull it back so that it hits something and on. The sketching and the thinking part was a very complicated part. It took so long to find a way to start the chain reaction. The ideas we had were a BB8 robot, my baby sister, Melisa, and a remote controlled car. None of these we knew will work so we just decided to use the car we are using now. And that’s how we are going to do our Rube Goldberg project. That’s my groups Rube Goldberg project.

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