Rube Goldberg; fails

Let me get this straight with you, WE MESSED UP OUR WHOLE RUBE GOLDBERG!!! Rehma and I were working and we were making our pulley but then stuff happened. One; the things on the pulley were way to heavy and the pulley was not strong enough to hold those things. Two; when we put the pulley on the roof we realized that the stuff the pulley was holding were way too heavy so we took the pulley off the roof. It basically ruined the roof and we had to think of another way to do it. We may even have to rethink our whole plan but we don’t know yet.

    We also messed up on one of the other most important part of our Rube Goldberg. The springboard is what started the chain reaction where the ball on top of the springboard bounced off the springboard and hit a block of wood with a cup on top of it which fell and it pulled weights off the pulley and etc. But we realized the springboard won’t work. We were making our own springboard with extra springs around the house and cardboard. But the spring wasn’t communicating with the cardboard. It either didn’t stick on or the springboard won’t actually spring like a springboard is supposed to so we changed our. The plan will be stated in one of my other Rube Goldberg blogs. And those were the most of the fails we had on our Rube Goldberg.

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  1. cboyer
    February 14, 2018 at 2:03 am (3 years ago)

    The failing part is never easy, however it seems your “learning part” was quite astonishing!! Congratulations on a successful Rube Goldberg Machine!!


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