Rube Goldberg; new plans

For our Rube Goldberg project, we have had many fails. We had the pulley fail and the springboard fail but we made other plans to replace those fails. The thing we did to replace the springboard idea is we decided we would let the car hit the ball immediately. The plan we had before was that we pull back a car that springs forward when you pull it back and that car hits a wedge that was wedged in front of another car. That car would move forward which will pull weights off of the springboard and that makes the ball on top of the springboard bounce up and hit a block of wood and etc. But now since we had no springboard, we changed the plan up. First, just like our first plan, we pull a car backwards and that springs forward which makes that car hit a piece of string. The string is held down by a piece of tape but when the car hits it, the other car that is attached with the string flings forward. That car hits a soccer ball and the soccer ball hits a wood block and we don’t know what to do after that because the pulley was going to be the second to last step and we can’t use it. That’s our Rube Goldberg project so far.

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