Rube Goldberg; what we needed to know

When I was doing my Rube Goldberg project, I learned a lot of things. One thing is that not every plan is going work. We went through so many plans to chose our last one was the right one and it still wasn’t the one. We haven’t thought about what the right idea is going to be but we will decide soon. The ideas we went through to start the Rube Goldberg were my baby sister, a robot BB8, and a remote controlled car. We decided to just use a car that springs forward when you pull it back. The next thing we needed to think of was the ramp. We had a lot of thoughts of what the ramp is going to do and how it’s going to face. We ended up putting the ramp facing the rest of the Rube Goldberg chain. The most important things we had to think about the springboard and pulley. We decided not to make a springboard because it was just not working don’t know if we are going to use a pulley or not. That is my Rube Goldberg project and what I learned.

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