A Long Walk To Water

In my class, we read a book about a a girl who is not real but shows the perspective of a girl named Nya in Southern Sudan. This girl need to go to the pond all day, every day to get water for her family. Salva, a boy also in Southern Sudan, goes through war and has to escape and at the end, he makes a fountain and school for the people in “Nyas” village. Salva accomplishes a lot in his life.

    In a long walk to water, Salva has to learn the qualities of effective leadership. The qualities of effective leadership usually are to not give up on what you are going to do. Salva demonstrated this when he didn’t give up on helping Sudan. He dug through the ground of Nyas village and found water they can drink. He also demonstrated this when he led a group of boys and made speeches every day on how there plan was going.

    Salvas philosophy “bit by bit, one step at a time” may help me one day because I may want to try something different and I start getting frustrated, I can listen to Salvas philosophy and start accomplishing something, bit by bit. Perseverance is important because if you never try, you will never accomplish anything. If you persevere, you can accomplish things. You can develop the ability to persevere when you just do what you think you can’t do. When you have a fear, you should do what that fear is and you will not be afraid of that thing anymore. That is how perseverance is important and you need to get over your fears.

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