Fish in a Tree

Have you ever heard of the book Fish in a Tree? It is a book about a girl named Ally Nickerson who most likely has dyslexia. In the book, Ally is having a hard time in school. All of the teachers she’s had have always been mean to her and will always say “Ally go to the principal’s office, you’re not reading well” and stuff like that. But when her old teacher is about to have a baby, she gets a new teacher. This teacher though is kinder and knows about Ally’s dyslexia and try’s to help. He (Mr. Daniel) is always rewarding Ally and saying she is really smart even though Ally doesn’t think so. Ally faces hard times like the time at the Noah Webster House for the class trip. Shay ( a mean girl that thinks Ally is dumb) draws on a horn book Ally with a dunce cap on. Ally runs out of the museum and that’s when Mr. Daniel comes and talks to Ally about her problem which is dyslexia. It makes Ally feel better and she moves on with life. And that’s where I’m up to. Over all it is a great book.

Land and Water Lesson 20

Ms.Kiley didn’t come for this lesson but we did it anyway without her.

We got all the materials out from last time and chopped and bulldozed. Then we came up with a plan. Our plan was similar from the plan last time since last time it worked. We put gravel, grass, humus, sand, clay, and rocks.

We started to put gravel at the top, dig popsticle sticks to make the water go a certain way, put grass and other stuff.

We didn’t finish. And that’s what happened for lesson 20.

Land and Water Lesson 19

On March 17, Ms.Kiley came for probably the last lesson. We tested our stream tables for the last time.

We were 2nd to go. Ours worked just like we planned it. The gravel and grass were my ideas and it worked.

The video below shows what happened:

Amd that is what happened when Ms.Kiley came for our last lesson.

Land and Water Lesson 18

On March 7, Ms.Kiley came to my class for lesson 18. We were going to make our dams today.

We started to chop and bulldoze. When we were done, we got our plan to start building our dam.

First we made a maze at the head of the river with toothpicks. Then we made a bridge with toothpicks and popsticle sticks. We put gravel at the top and below that we planted grass. The houses were at the bottom.

When we finished we sprayed water on the grass. Ms.P took a picture with the plan and stream table next together.


making the dam

That  is what happened when Ms.Kiley came to my class for lesson 18.

the stream table and plan

Land and Water Lesson 17

On March 3, Ms.Kiley came to my class for lesson 17. This time we were going to make another dam but we may not make a dam.

Each of my group members wrote down their ideas. Then we combined all of them together. Then we drew it on a piece of paper as our final plan. Ms.Kiley said that we will draw the idea again on a almost the size of the stream table paper.

Our plan was to have a maze at the head of the river, with gravel and grass at the sides, leading to 2 bumps with rocks on them, and ending with the houses.

And that is what happened when Ms.Kiley came for lesson 17.  

On March 6, we made our of official plan and colored it.

my groups plan

planing the dam and stuff

my group with the plan

Land and Water Lesson 16

On March 1, Ms.Kiley came to my class for lesson 16. I already told you what we were going to do which was fixing up our dam on our stream table and testing it.

We finished up our dam and then we started testing it. It was more of a failure then success. We made too many walls and protection stuff that we didn’t about the houses too much and that made 2 of the houses to flood.

Ms.Kiley said that next time we will plant grass if we want and do other stuff to make our next dam better.

And that is what happened when Ms.Kiley came for lesson 16.

BTW sorry there is no pictures. Bye!

Land and Water Lesson 15

On February 27, Ms.Kiley came to my class for lesson 15. This time we would take our stream table, make a stream,  and also make a dam and protectors (toothpicks, popsticle sticks, a straw) so the cubes, houses, wont get flooded by the water that we will pour on lesson 16.

The plan and gravel also so not a lot of water goes through and floods the houses.

We did our usually routine and then we started to make the dam. We got extra materials like the toothpicks. My group thought of making a kind of maze at the head of the stream, then put a part of the straw so not a lot of water will go and only a little will, and also made a wall of sand and gravel.

We are not done but on lesson 16 we will get to finish the dam. And that is what happened when Ms.Kiley came for lesson 15.

Putting the dam together

Land and Water Lesson 13

On February 14, Ms.Kiley couldn’t come so Ms.P taught us about comparing and contrasting instead. We were doing the lessons out of order because last time we did lesson 14. This time we pulled out the grass of the stream table and did the experiment with out any grass.

We did our usual routine and then poured the water into the red dot cup. The answer was very obvious what the answer was. Every stream table got an avalanche. Even mine.

We got our runoff and 50 mililiters of water. We wrote down our data in our land and water journals. And that is what happened when Ms.Kiley didn’t come for lesson 13.

Pulling the grass out

pouring the water

Land and Water Planting

On Febuary 3, Like Ms.Kiley told us, we planted the grass seads. We chopped and bulldozed and then we put 2 types of seads on to the stream table. 1 type of sead looked like very tiny pieces of grass. The other one looked like tiny brown pebbles. We put both seads in. We covered it and sprayed it with water.

When we looked at it on Febuary 6, some grass already grew a little! It was more than any of the other groups grass.

Planting the grass seads

On Febuary 7 when we looked at the stream table the grass grew a little bit more!

On Febuary 8, The grass grew a least an inch!

On Febuary 10, the grass grew so much that now it looks like real grass!

The grass when it started to look like real grass

The stream table with the grass growing on it

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