Land and Water Lesson 14

On Febuary 10, Ms.Kiley came to my class to do an experiment of comparing and contrasting.  We were comparing and contrasting if more erosion would happen if the stream table had no grass but was on a flat surface or if the stream table had grass but was slanted.

We did our daily chopping and bulldozing and all that. Then we took the red dot cup and poured a liter of water. I t was weird when we saw the grass barely did anything except made the water go to the side. We got 50 mililiters of runoff and collected the rest of the runoff.

We recorded our data in our land and water journals. And that is what happened when Ms.Kiley came to my class for  lesson 14.

Pouring the water and collecting the runoff with the slanted stream table

Land and Water Lesson 11

The stream table before we poured water


The stream table after we poured the water

On Febuary 2, Ms.Kiley came to my class for lesson 11. This time she taught us about how land effects water.

We collected rocks at recess so we used those for 1 of the effects of how land affects water. We also, after we chopped and bulldozed, got a clump of dirt from the stream table and with that we made hills as another effect.

After we chopped and bulldozed, we put the rocks and made the hills  on the stream table. Then we took the red dotted cup and poured the water. The water got hit by the rocks and hills which made it go a few directions. It was cool!

Ms.Kiley said that on Febuary 3 we will put in grass seads and see how GRASS will effect water. And that is lesson 11 with Ms.Kiley.

Land and Water Lesson 10

On January 31, Ms.Kiley came to my class for lesson 10. I don’t know why we skipped lesson 9 but since my teacher Ms.P said it is lesson 10, I guess it’s lesson 10.

We did the same thing as last time with the 3 hole cup and the time before with the cup with the blue dot and small hole. But this time we did it with a cup with a red dot and big hole.

We did everything as usual, bulldozing, chopped, poured water, and collect runoff and the last 50 milliliters. The stream was not any deeper. Actually there was really no stream at all. It just made a lot of erosion.

We also had to compare and contract the stream tables from lesson 4 with the small hole cup. This is how

different they were,

Lesson 4 slope

Lesson 10 slope







And that is lesson 10 with Ms.Kiley.

Land and Water Lesson 8

Ms.Kiley teaching us about the parts of the river

Me drawing a stream on the plastic wrap

On January 27, Ms.Kiley came to my class for lesson 8. She taught us about parts of the river.

One part of the river is the head. The head is the beginning of a stream or river where runoff has cut a channel.

There’s also a valley, canyon, drainage basin, tributary, stream channel, delta, floodplain, and mouth.

For an experiment, Ms.Kiley told us to get our stream tables but she said not to chop and bulldoze. Since last time for lesson 7 we had a 3 hole cup to pour the water and it made a few streams we had to examine the 3 streams that sometimes made a tributary. Then when we where done examinating,  Ms.Kiley put plastic wrap on top of our stream table. She did that so we can draw the streams and how they looked on the plastic wrap with markers.

My group had 3 streams with one stream repeling then connecting again. Ms.Kiley took off the plastic wrap. She put it on a table so we could see how it looked. And that is lesson 8 with Ms. Kiley.

Land and Water Lesson 7

The cylinder with the runoff

Me, Sophie, and the slope

On January 25th, instead of Ms.Kiley coming to my class, Ms. P taught us instead. Remember for blog lesson I think 4 we poured water with a cup with a blue dot and small hole. Well this time we had a cup with three dots on it and three holes. I was taking pictures the whole time.

Sophie collecting the runoff

For the experiment like we always do, we chop and bulldozed and we put the cup on the velcro stuck to the handle of the plastic box thing. Then we started pouring water into the cup that was stuck to the velcro.

Out came water that was going out of three ways. Each way made a stream. We got a white catch bucket and got the runoff. We also got the last 50 milliliters of water with a cylinder.

Right after that we wrote down the info in our land and water journals. We drew the cylinder and how the water looked like. And that is what happened when Ms. P taught us about land and water.

Way More About MELIKE!!!

I know I told A LOT about me already but I have WAY more to tell you about me. Some of this is in order but some of them aren’t. Most of these are about what I love and like. So again here it goes,

24. I know I already said this but I LOVE CATS

25. Again I LOVE CATS


27. Dancing(sometimes. Most of the time it’s about

28. My swell (water bottle)


30. My jewelry and jewelry box ( it’s so cool)

31. My mechanical pencils ( don’t make fun of me)

32. My state test score


34. And again ARYA

35. my books

36. My baby sister (4 month old)


38. And ME!!!

And that is all I could think of so bye! I will make more blogs about me once I think about the stuff I love and like. Bye again!


More About MELIKE!!!

I know I already said some stuff about me in “all about Melike” but I’m going to tell you about my top 20 favorite things. Some of them may be in order but some of them aren’t. Okay, here it goes,


2.  Arya ( my BFF from my old school) ?




6. My family including my 4 year old sister, my 4 month old sister, my mom, and my dad.

7. I already told you about in 1 of my blogs.

8. My pets. I used to have a cat and a fish but now I have 7-10 cats (In Turkey) and like a million fish in an a aquarium. ? ?


10. The book Crenshaw

11. My electronics (phone, computer, kindle)

12. The color blue ?

13.  The movie Storks

14. My friends( Emaan, Savannah, Julie, Arya)



17. I like to pull pranks on people.

18. For some reason, don’t make fun of me, I kinda like seeing people hurt. I know it’s sad and weird but it is a habit.

19. I LOVE designing fashion. I’m pretty good at it if I don’t say so myself.

20. I love to PARTY.

I will tell you more about me even though 20 things have already been listed.

21. I love to play the clarinet. I’m so good I’m in the 5th grade band and I am in 4th grade. Actually I’m the only 4th grader in the 5th grade band.

22. I love NEW YORK.

23. I love to have FUN

But of course I LOVE ARYA AND CATS mostly. See ya for my next blog. BYE! ??

Land and Water Lesson 6

Sophie putting a material in a cylinder

Ryan pouring the sand into a cylinder

Me holding the cylinder of clay and water in it

On January 19, Ms.Kiley came to again, teach us about the materials in the stream table but in a different way. She taught it to us by making us do a few things with the materials. She made us do what I call the 4 Ps…

Put 20 milliliters of humus, gravel, sand, and clay in different graduated cylinders.

Pat each material in the cylinders softly with a chopstick.

Predict and write down what we think of how much milliliters it would be if we put 30 milliliters of water in each cylinder in our journals.

Pour 30 milliliters of water in each cylinder and write down how many milliliters it actually was.

And that is what happened when Ms.Kiley came for lesson 6.

Land and Water Lesson 5

The mixture when we put the humus

The mixture after we put the clay

The mixture when we put the sand

Me and Sophie examining humus

Me and Sophie examining clay

On January 17, Ms.Kiley came to my class to teach us about the materials inside the stream table. The materials were gravel, sand, clay, humus (topsoil).

We had to take each material and examine it. We had to fill in a sheet in our land and water journals. First we examined the gravel. The notes I took were that the gravel was like crystals, gray, white, kind of pink, orange, yellow, clumpy, small, spiky, dull and it felt weird, hard, scratchy, and spiky.

The sand was tiny, gray, brown, black, white, dull and felt hard, scratchy, and weird.

The clay was dull, brown, orange, reddish, clumpy and felt dry and scratchy and it could draw.

And also the humus( topsoil) was black, brown, dull and felt hard and crumbly and could draw.

We also saw what happens if we put the materials in water. And if we stirred it. We had to predict what will happen if we did before we did any of those things.

First we did the gravel. Prediction: gets shiny, sinks. What happened: sunk, didn’t get shiny.

Next, we did the sand. Prediction: gets darker, mixes. What happened: got darker, mixed.

Then, we did the clay. Prediction: turns the water orange, sinks. What happened: turned the water orange, sinked.

Lastly, we did the humus (topsoil).  Prediction: turns black, gets foggy. What happened: spreads, falls, floats, foggy.

Then we stirred the whole mixture together. Everything got mixed up. The gravel stayed at the bottom like the sand and clay. The humus stayed at the top. And that was lesson 5 with Ms.Kiley.



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