Rube Goldberg – The Continuation Of The Building Process

My Rube Goldberg partner, Andrew, and I, have been working hard throughout the entire course of this project, assembling our machine, repeating trial and error, etc.

One exclusive problem, apart from failure tests – that we had to deal with during our design process was that, the table we were assembling the project on was slanted, but that still turned out to be a partial benefit for our project.

We had to rebuild the machine on the other end of the wooden base that we built the machine on, and it worked better. Sometimes problems can turn out to be advantages.

We’re going to finish assembling our machine, and start testing pretty soon… We have to test at least thirty times before we know for sure that the contraption is going to work on the day when our project is due.

I think that working together in groups is a good way to work during this project, because if you need help, or have a question, you can ask your partner and you can work together.

We’re all so excited to see the end results of our projects, and we’re getting closer and closer to the deadline for our Rube Goldberg machine, our blog posts, our sketch, and our We-Video movie of the construction and creation for our project!

I’m really enjoying this project! It’s really fun, and a lot of teamwork is involved. Sometimes, things that seem like problems can actually be benefits and / or advantages for your machine, just in disguise, and that’s what I like about it.

You might be surprised about how much a problem is doing for your machine, whether it’s good (congratulations), or bad (ugh).

But during the construction of Andrew’s (and my) Rube Goldberg project, our problems have been very beneficial to our machine. They’ve helped make the format stronger and more formed, and have helped us realize our mistakes so that we could improvise to make our project as best we can.

Our Rube Goldberg project doesn’t just teach us how to make a simple machine, but a lot more.

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