Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a website that we’ve been using to create videos, posters, and infographics for our Rube Goldberg project.

Adobe Spark has blank templates, for videos, posters, reports, collages, etc. You can get classwork done on Adobe Spark, and you can also have fun, and create your own stories or art projects, as well.

One thing I like about Adobe Spark is that it has the templates ready and makes everything clear, and simple. Adobe Spark is a good website for any age to use.

We started with the poster, so that we would get the basic idea of what Adobe Spark is. You can also be creative and expressive with Adobe Spark, which is another reason why I like using it.

You can use Adobe Spark to create advertisements, and to write stories, about vacations, adventures, school projects, etc.

We started using Adobe Spark a couple weeks ago, but everyone has already gotten used to it, and we feel more normal using it in class. You can adapt to using Adobe Spark easily.

If you want to learn more about Adobe Spark, visit, and try making your own posters or videos!

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