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Breakout – In Tech #1

During tech class we played breakout. We opened wooden boxes with safety glasses inside them. We did this because the theme of the Breakout was safety and you need safety glasses to be safe in tech. Along the way all the clues were safety related. For example one rule in the classroom is always wear safety glasses. So it makes sense that that is what I had to find in the box.

Choosing My Main Inqire Question (Capstone Blog #2)

Hi! Welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be catching up with you all and talking about my Capstone. So far our class has picked our main inquire questions and are currently in the process of picking our final sub questions to make research easier. Picking our main inquiry questions was a hard and stressful task. Like picking our topics we had to take everything into consideration, site visit, interview, along with everything else. Many kids including me didn’t exactly know what path they wanted to take with there main inquiry question. So they kept changing it and experimenting with different paths they could take in there huge topic. The same was true with the sub questions. O I almost forgot my main inquire question is “How do Model Steriotypes Affect Young Women?

Choosing my Topic (Capstone Blog #1)

Hi! Welcome back to my blog. Today I want to talk to you about the biggest project of the year. Can you guess it well if you didn’t know already its Capstone! We haven’t gotten too far into Capstone yet but i just wanted to update you on how picking my topic is going.Choosing your topic for Capstone can be really confusing not just because of the overwhelming choice of options but also because of the decision process. Here are the steps of finding your topic.

First you must be able to find a site visit with this in mind I narrowed down my choses a bit and worked on google maps for a while to try to find a place to visit.

Second comes finding out if you can get an interview for this you must ask your parents or teacher if they can try and contact someone who would be willing to interview you.

Next comes finding a second topic everyone has to do this step no matter how sure you are about your topic because it is just for incase if your first topic isn’t good enough.

Welcome to 5th Grade!

My 5th grade year has begun! I am very exited to take the trip to phillidelfia. I am also exited for our rocketry unit to be over. So I woun’t have to be out in the cold watching rockets launch. I am definitly looking foward to doing our mystery reading unit because I love finding clues and predicting what is going to happen. One last thing I love about fifth grade is we are the oldest in the school and get 2nd grade buddy’s. Fifth grade is so fun!

My goals for 5th grade are that I will become a faster and better reader so I can read more books. Hopefully fifth grade will be an amazing year!

Philadelphia Trip

Hi! Welcome back to my blog. At our school 5th graders get the chance to go on this awesome field trip to Philadelphia. On this trip we visited all different types of cool sites and landmarks. Everyone got up at 5 in the morning to get on the bus and start the trip. And everyone got back on the bus to go back to school at 6pm. In conclusion Philadelphia is a great city to explore and really gives fun memories.

Ed Camp Talks Day: 2

Hi! Welcome back to my blog. I loved the Ed camp talk’s I heard today! They were both very educational and fun. The first talk I listened to was Jeanie Rosenthal. She talked about being an entrepreneur. I found this talk very interesting and fun. The next and final talk I listened to was by PJ’s grandfather. (PJ is a kid in my grade) He talked about climate change. I liked this talk because he helped us understand how we could improve our environment.

Exploring Adobe Spark

Hi! Welcome back to my blog. About a week ago we learned about Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark is a learning platform were you can make all different kinds of images and videos. It has so many different options that you will definitly be able to find one that you love. They have hundreds of templates and even ones where you can start from scratch. But enfore of talking about how great Adobe Spark is im going to tell you my experiance. First I wanted to design an image so I found the instagram post template. I added text and three images and there I had it. After I decided I still wanted to play around with Adobe Spark so I made a video from scratch. Both of my creations turned out amazing and I had so much fun making both of them. So here they are:

Rube Goldberg #6: Reflection

Hi! Welcome back to my blog. If you have read all of my other blog posts on my Rube Goldberg you would understand how much effort came into this. Me and my partner Lily went through all of the design process stages. We researched, sketched, Built, Tested and finally reflected on our Rube Goldberg. Along the way I think I’ve learned a lot about the design process especially about the testing step. It takes a lot more patience then I realized. We had to persevere when things got hard. (which was a lot of the time) I will continue to use what I have learned about the design process for my further science projects. I hope you learned with me through this crazy process. So that wraps up my final Rube Goldberg post.

This is my Rube Goldberg video:

Rube Goldberg #5: Testing

Hi! Welcome back to my blog. Today on my Rube Goldberg I worked on testing it. Let me tell you a lot of aggravation and frustration went into this step. It took 75 tries in total. By the 50th try Me and my partner we’re lost. we didn’t know how to fix it or what to do to improve it. We thought at one point that we were going to pass out. So obviously we were ecstatic when it finally worked. Locking back I would definitely have tried to relax and calm down so we could find the problem quicker. But in the end we figured it out and had a successful Rube Goldberg with a total of 75 tries. But stay tuned for 1 more blog post on my Rube Goldberg project but bye for now!

Rube Goldberg #4: Building

Hi! Welcome back to my blog. Finally me and my partner are at the point in our Rube Goldberg were it is time to build it. I have been waiting for this moment for almost two months now. But once we got building it didn’t feel like I thought it would. It was hard and repetitive work. We tried to best plan the steps as good as we could so later we wouldn’t have to find ways to improve it. For me so far this was the most challenging part about Rube Goldberg,that is of course until we got to the testing but I’ll save that for my next blog post. ¬†one of the challenging parts of building was when Lily wanted to use everything we used in this sketch but I said we should try to use something else because the sketch was so basic. Stay tuned for more on my Rube Goldberg project but bye for now!

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