Passion Project Post #4

Sorry about the late post. In this blog post i’m going to talk about my plans for spring break research. My status on research right now is not that good. Well, it’s okay. I will research a lot more in the span of spring break. For my blog post I am probably going to post two more in the span of spring break.

My struggles for these past days have been finding time in my vacation for research and blog posting time. I will definitely try harder to fit in the time to research more and keep you updated. I’m going to start making my game tomorrow. I’m thinking of the idea of a simple game maybe a break the blocks game. You can also comment on my blog post and tell me what you want me to build like what game (Just don’t make it to hard (; Thanks!).

In the future I will be adding links so you can play the games that I make and maybe learn some stuff about coding. Here are some facts you might find interesting, Java was actually created by accident? Yup Gosling and his groups actually wanted to create a set-top box and started by “cleaning up” C++ and wound up creating Java. One more fact is the mascot for Java is The Duke who was created by Joe Palrang who is also worked on the Hollywood blockbuster,  Shrek. Thanks for reading my blog post.

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  1. Java was created by accident? That’s very cool. What have you learned about coding so far from doing this project? I’m looking forward to seeing/playing your game.

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