Writing Non-Fiction Feature Articles…

I liked being able to choose what topic I wanted because the school wouldn’t choose Tanki for me! During my writing I realized that there was actually more to Tanki than I knew before. I also liked playing on projects main idea web page ( Tankionline.com/en/ ) because I like tanks, guns, and blowing up stuff! Tanki is when you own a tank and you are supposed to blow up other tanks to get crystals, which you can use to buy and upgrade more advanced

Rocketry Reflection

After my rocketry launch I felt like a huge weight was taken off my shoulders. It was finally over! I was both happy and sad. I was happy because I didn’t have to practice for it anymore. I was also sad because doing our rocketry presentation was fun. Overall, I am Happy on how my group and I did on the presentation. I hope we’ll do something similar again!

TFK’s most important issue

I think the whale hunting is a very important issue and it is going to last a while because if it continues then the whale will become extinct. The whale poachers are very inconsiderate of whales and they think that they are the most important species in the world, but they are wrong. Even if they didn’t think that, they would have at least lessened the amount of whale-killing they do so the whales don’t become extinct. If they really really REALLY wanted to hunt the whales at least they should have waited an amount of time until another time era where whales were NOT extinct. Overall, I think whale poachers are very inconsiderate, mean, and stupid people!

Debate Reflection

First, we made sides (who was arguing for the cause, and who wasn’t). Jackson and Meena were for the cause, while Vrinda and I weren’t. Next, we made a google doc and shared it with each other. Actually, Jackson did, since we only needed one page for our group. We posted our ideas on that page. After that, each group made a google slide and shared it with the other group. On these slides we posted our reasons and examples, then wrote the reasons and examples on index cards. On the day of the debate, we brought our index cards and debated. It was fun!

Rube Goldberg Blog Post 1

On Monday 3/21/2016, My original group Michael M., Ty, Michael H., and Carson. After school, we all went to Ty’s house. We found a bunch of stuff for our project, including some rigged dominoes from a brand called Mr. Domino. It also came with a marble, a bunch of marbles, some un-rigged dominoes, and a descender for the marbles. In the middle of the project everybody except for me and Carson went to have a break, but later Carson took a break too. In my opinion, I was the only person who tried to get stuff done, but overall it was fun!