Poetry anthology post

For My festival poem I chose my mystery poem because it creates tension while you read it and at the end it releases all the tension by telling you something funny (sort of). It really creates a festive mood!

For My video poem I chose my Meaningless poem. I like my meaningless poem because It just talks about random stuff, not really telling you anything.

For My photo poem I chose my poem called “Something Perfect is missing”. I especially made this poem the poem I put the photo in because people had to read it to understand the question, which they had to answer. I also gave them a hint, though even without the hint it is pretty obvious.

I can’t wait till the festival!

Word art poem anthology post

For my free choice poem I chose my “Sounds” Poem for word art, because it has so many different words and it is a list poem, so it doesn’t have to go in any order. For the picture it was molded in I chose a music note because since you listen to music, I wanted people to listen to my poem too.

Poetry Anthology Post

My favorite Poem that I made was My Mystery poem. I liked it because at first, you have no clue what you have to do, and after you read the poem you realize that all you had to do was read the Poem! I also like my “Sounds” poem because it includes all the sounds you/I can think of. It probably doesn’t have all the sounds, but it includes a darn lot! In my meaningless poem, I write pointless stuff such as; why am I writing this? Why do I have to write this? etc. Finally, In my last poem I basically ask one question; I wrote this poem, it is awesome, blah blah blah but I need one more trait to make it perfect. What is it? It is pretty obvious, and after you read the poem and (If) you can’t find out the answer I wrote it at the bottom of the page. I can’t wait for the Festival!

Post about “Out Of My Mind” 4/19

I just started the book and I’m up to page 38. Judging from what I read, I think that melody is going to use the machine that Steven Hawking used to speak when he was paralyzed. But when she does speak, I think that people will make fun of her by calling her names, such as wall-e, malfunctioning terminator, etc. Also, I think that the person that gave tests to melody will come back and try to make her life miserable because her mom insulted him. The “special” group’s teachers will be VERY surprised when they discover that melody is actually really smart. I can’t wait to read more!

Rube Goldberg post 6

I was wrong last time. When me and Michael were supposed to meet, we found out that the cleaning ladies destroyed everything except for the plans,  so we had to start from scratch again. So much for thinking I was done building! This time, though, we got some additional equipment; a piggy shooter, a bouncy ball, a few big blocks, and a bell. Instead of a cart rolling down the bench, we made a ball roll off the bench, bouncing against a block and knocking down dominoes. After we finished building (Which took a VERY long time) , we decided to see if it worked. Fail. We tried again. Fail. We figured out the reason; the piggy wasn’t flying, so we put that part away, and replaced it with a staircase. Just then my drum teacher came, so I had to stop, take my drum lesson, and wait till Michael came back. When he came back with his dad, who was taking the video, we decided to test it again. We made three fails in a row. Then we figured that the domino-hitting-a-ball part could be replaced with a Ball-hitting-a-ball part. After another fail (we forgot to remove the  safeties) we succeeded!!! Hooray!!!

Rube Goldberg post 5

Today I worked on the rest of the machine. This time, the domino train was nice and it stood up. Then I worked on the fun part; building a domino tower as seen in Youtube. You basically stacked dominoes on top of other dominoes, like a usual domino tower, but this on was slightly different. Instead of having a rectangular shape, it had a circle shape, making it sturdier and easier to build. On my first try I completely ruined the tower by putting just one domino in the wrong place.  On my second try, though this may seem surprising, I finished it without it falling. I had finished the rube Goldberg machine!

Rube Goldberg Post 4

Michael isn’t free this week, so I have to do some of the work myself. I basically did what we destroyed, just a little different. It worked OK, failing here and there but it was good enough. Then I started to think of what we would do next. My mom found these dinosaur dominoes that I could use and I decided I would make a domino building out of those. At first, the building wouldn’t fall. I just wouldn’t. When I went to weaken it just a little, the whole thing fell apart, so I decided to make a domino train. Just as I finished the whole thing failed again. When I started building it again, it just simply refused to work and fell down again. I got so frustrated I decided that was enough for today, but at least I got something done!

Rube goldberg post 3

It ends up that I got so caught up in the project I did most of the connections myself on the weekend. We decided to test out the machine. FAIL. We tested it again. #FAIL. On our third try we tried to use a book to knock down a stick with a book. First of all, the book didn’t fall down. Second of all, when it did work, it knocked down a huge part of the machine. ###FAIL! Before Michael left though, we made some new plans so we didn’t have to start over again. Overall, I think this was the worst Rube Goldberg meeting we have had so far.