Capstone 2

When we started this project, I was very excited and nervous. What would I do? Will it be cool? What if I mess up? I million questions flooded my mind as I my topic: video games. At first My question was gonna be how video games evolved over the decades but after Ms. Edwards gave us a lesson I decided that my main inquiry question would be How have video games affected human lives and what can be improved. After that was done, I was relieved, but that relief didn’t last long. Soon, our five sub questions were due. I came up with three right away: How does it affect the brain, how does it affect the eyes, and does it improve hand-eye coordination. Then I added the questions: How do video games affect a child’s learning? and How do video games affect a child’s sleep? Then I went over all the questions and thought, those questions are too identical, so I changed them to: 1. How many minutes of video games does an average child play a day? 2. How do video games affect the eyes? 3. Do video games improve your hand-eye coordination? 4. How do video games affect a child’s learning? 5. Do video games affect a child’s sleep? after I got this done, saved, and double-checked, that was when I really felt like I was done with the questions. I wonder what I’ll do for my answers……



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  1. What interesting sub questions, Max! I’m looking forward to learning what you find out. Maybe make #5 “How do video games affect a child’s sleep?”

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