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When we started our capstone, I didn’t know who to interview. There were video game scientists, but they usually were busy. There were video game journalists, but they usually were also busy. Then there were the shops. Thousands, maybe millions of GameStop shops were all over the world.

Unfortunately nobody in the family had any job related to video games. My dad worked at a really boring insurance company, while my mom took care of my sister and me. Eventually, after some thought and a talk with my mom (moms rule!), we decided we would go interview a shop on central avenue, Yonkers.

This was my interview sheet before:

  1. How do video games affect the brain?
2.  Does playing video games for a long period of time affect a person’s sight? If so, how?
3. How does using the controller affect your hands/arms? 4. Do video games have more of an affect on an older person than a younger person? If so, how?
5. How can video games affect a child’s development? 6. Who is the biggest consumer of video games, children or adults?
7. Which games are more popular, Violent or non-violent games? 8. How long does the average child play video games in a week?
9.How does playing video games affect a person’s health?

I made one mistake, though. And that was a very bad mistake.

A day before my interview I told Ms. Edwards who I was interviewing. I was in for a surprise. It ends up that all the questions that I was making was not meant for a storekeeper. I reviewed my questions, and found out she was right. What in the world was I thinking??? Ms. Gleaves and I immediately started making new questions. Thankfully, by the end of the day we were prepared and ready to go.

This is my interview sheet after:

  1. Who are your biggest consumers? (children, adults, seniors, etc.)
2. Which products are sold in the store?
3. What product is the most popular with kids? 4. What product is the most popular with adults?
5. What do you think can be improved with the games you’re selling? 6. Are there any games in the store that serve other purpose than entertainment?
7. Which genre is more popular with kids; violent or non-violent games? 8. Which genre is more popular with adults; violent or non-violent games?
9. How are the prices for the games and consoles established? 10. What is your selling rate on an average day? What is your selling rate on a busy day and during the holidays?
11. What is your opinion on the amount of time people spend on playing video games? Do you think people should spend more or less time on games? 12. Do you play video games? Which one is your favorite (console and game), and why?

The next day was the day of my interview. I was so nervous! What if I did something stupid? What if we showed up late? What if we went to the wrong place? All of these questions filled my head as I got ready to go.

Then something happened. That same morning we had went to a barbecue and my parents were tired, so tired, in fact, that they refused to send me there, never will send me there, and told me to make them dinner! Just kidding. My parent wouldn’t ever do something like that(unless I find out they have a serious alcohol addiction, of course). Not Exaggerating!

Anyway, My mom told me to reschedule the interview with Jessica to tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. When I called, my stomach began filling up with butterflies again. I don’t know why, but it just does. We talked for a bit, then she told me it could be the day after tomorrow. I hung up, and all of the butterflies disappeared.

The next day was the real day of my interview (hopefully we won’t get in a car crash and have to revise again), and the butterflies returned.

When we got there, I saw that we went to the right place (Phew!). When I entered the store, I saw that we got there at the right time (Phew again!). The clerk at the front desk told us to go into the back storage room, where Jessica was waiting. I was about to introduce myself when she said, “hi Max!”. So much for my introduction.

We immediately jumped into the interview, me asking the questions while she telling me the answers. At the last question, I got so nervous I almost jumped out of my seat and shouted: “hooray!” when she answered. Our interview had gone successful (phew 3 times!)! I can’t wait till we do my presentation!

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