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If you haven’t read my 3rd blog yet, please do now or else you will be sucked into a confusing vortex of events that don’t make sense, so please do now. (Go here)

After you’ve read my 3rd awesome blog (just saying), I’ll tell you about my cool site visit. Fast forward to the day of my site visit, the same day as my interview (if you haven’t read my interview yet, then you should read it right now).  I’ve decided that my site visit would be at a video game store (I know, right?), so on the day I went to interview Jessica I also did my site visit.

After My interview, I looked around the shop. There where all the kinds of games imaginable (a gamer’s heaven), from Wii to Xbox, from controllers to consoles, from super Mario to Pac-man. There were even demo consoles to advertise games!

Sadly, since it was at a video game shop, there were not that many notes to take, though I can imagine the store going through a few phases. At one point, it would be going on a holiday sale, all prices lowering. At another point, like on a very busy day, the prices would rise to the horizon, above all others. Then there would be the normal day, with normal prices, normal customers, normal decorations, normal music, normal holiday gift ideas-wait, there would be no gift ideas. Pardon me.

I took a look around the store. I really wanted to plop down, take a controller, and start playing, but I was on a site visit. In my previous research I found that violent gaming can make a child violent or so addicted that they would forget to eat, sleep, and drink. Now I know why a person would like to do that. Here’s part of what it looks like,

and if you ever want to visit, here’s where it is:

Screenshot 2016-06-02 at 2.46.35 PM

In what felt like 3 minutes (it was a lot longer than that), my mom said she needed to go, and I only had a few minutes left. Time passes so fast when you’re having fun! (or going on a site visit) I looked around one last time, imagining that I would come her again, bought a phone stand for a couple of bucks and left.

I hope I can go there again! (and buy some video games)

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  1. Nice pics. How did your research affect the site visit? Do you think, for example, that your research is making you look at video games in a different way?

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