Capstone blog #6

After I finished my main inquiry question, I had to make a final “product”, which basically means a slide presentation/a green screen. I chose to do an ignite slide presentation (a presentation where a grim reaper changes the slides every 15 seconds)

When you do an ignite, you have to make each slide quick, no more than a few sentences. I sort of used this to my advantage since my topic was about video games. First of all, I decided that I would make a pros/cons slide, Since about every presentation has a pros and cons slide.

While doing this, I realized that this would be a lot harder than it looked.  I still had to make 9 more slides, make a script, rehearse, memorize it, and present in front of a bunch of parents. I hadn’t really thought this through yet. 

Fast forward till after I was done with the first draft of the slides. I added a lot of animations because I thought it would make it look cool, and oh how wrong I was.  At first only one of my classmates said that it was too distracting and the audience would focus on the animations and not me, but I thought he was just jealous. But after my teacher and my parents backed me up, I was forced to give in and delete most of the animations.

When I presented it to my class (it was for practice), Ms. Edwards said that I should practice a LOT more, and get rid of the rest of the animations.

I hope I’ll be ready for the big presentation!


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  1. If you could go back, what would you have done differently? Besides what you learned/added to what you already knew about video games, what did you learn about yourself as a student/researcher?

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