Rocketry Reflection

After my rocketry launch I felt like a huge weight was taken off my shoulders. It was finally over! I was both happy and sad. I was happy because I didn’t have to practice for it anymore. I was also sad because doing our rocketry presentation was fun. Overall, I am Happy on how my group and I did on the presentation. I hope we’ll do something similar again!

Debate Reflection

First, we made sides (who was arguing for the cause, and who wasn’t). Jackson and Meena were for the cause, while Vrinda and I weren’t. Next, we made a google doc and shared it with each other. Actually, Jackson did, since we only needed one page for our group. We posted our ideas on that page. After that, each group made a google slide and shared it with the other group. On these slides we posted our reasons and examples, then wrote the reasons and examples on index cards. On the day of the debate, we brought our index cards and debated. It was fun!