in my feelings for capstone

I was really nervous at first.  I was paranoid and scared that no one will come to mine, when my dad came to see mine I was not scared since he is my dad. When I was done with my dad I noticed that more people started to be heading to mine.

What did I learn from capstone presenting. I became more confident and more happy. I learned that not every one will come to your pretension.  Also that some people will come to your thing.




Food is delicious. There are many countries to try from. Mexico to Japan. I try all kids of food and different places. My favorite is Japenise.

 We can not live with out food.  We can die of starvation. So we have a meal three times a day.

I Love food.


Peyton Manning and Jon Elway

My favorite football team is the broncos. They had legends on there team such as Peyton Manning and Jon Elway. I have been a fan of them since I moved here. My friend told me about football and told me good teams and I choose the broncos and the first jersey was for Peyton Manning. Jon Elway was the second best QB ever.  Even though they only one three Superbowls. The latest one they won was Superbowl 50. Sadly Peyton manning and Jon Elway are retierd

My wetlands project

This is my wetlands project. We gathered information by reading books and searching the web. We noted information on our books and created a presentation on google slides. It took a week to finish it. `My friends and I created it. We hope you enjoy our presentation!

My New Years resolution!

  • My New New Years resolution!resolution!

  • To lose weight

  • To be more nice to my friends

  • To play more video games

  • To be less lazy

  • To no longer annoy my sister

Hello world!

Hello my name is Nayat and I am 9 years old. I love to play any video game. My favorite YouTuber is Dantdm. My favorite sport is football. I love dogs (pugs).

Hello world!

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