Lights, Camera, Noah!

Hi everyone! My name is Noah. I am ten years old and I live in Scarsdale. I have a brother named Jacob who is in first grade. I have two pet fishes and I’m trying to convince my dad to get a dog. Follow me if you want me to hear me talk about dogs.

Gaming and tennis are my main hobbies. If you want to see my Roblox account or any of my other games, let me know in the comments. Just so you know, I don’t do Minecraft, Call of Duty, GTA or Halo. I mostly do Pokemon and Roblox.

My favorite food is wings. One time I got sick due to some buttermilk wings (I will never have buttermilk wings ever again). My favorite place to have them is from my mom.

Now to talk about my gaming. One time I was playing Roblox and my friend Ari joined the game. I said in the chat, “Hey AB.” Ari said back “Hello Chip.”  Then he nuked me in the game “Argh” I said “Really AB!”.

Now it is finally time to talk about tennis. One time I was playing a tennis match and I hit the the ball back and forward – boom, swing, swing and swing. I played really hard and I won!

In this blog I will recommend video games, videos, music, and more! Signing off on my private jet (just kidding). Goodbye!


2 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Noah!

  1. Noah,
    It has been a wonderful year watching you grow and make so many good friends. I hope you have a great summer and drop by often to visit.
    Love, Mrs. Assatly

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