the one and only Eataly

Eataly is a restaurant which is an extraordinary Italian restaurant in New York City.

Eataly is like an Italian mall with different markets and restaurants. There are 5 restaurants and some shops. The shops and restaurants were ,fish, pizza and pasta, meat,vegetarian,and an ice cream and coffee bar. They also have a super market where you can buy Italian food.

At the pizza and pasta restaurant the appetizers are normally bread, a bowl of olives, and olive oil, a classical Italian dish. If you say that you can’t eat something and you are on a diet they normally accommodate you. They listen when you say something like you can’t eat pork and they do special deals plus it was a very reasonable cost.

The atmosphere is amazing, it smells like fresh baked bread where ever you are except for the fish store and restaurant. The fish store and restaurant smell like fish but not too smelly fish, the meat place smells like steak and roast potatoes. It is kid friendly, not too dark and not too fancy. It was loud though and the decor was good.

I normally would have at the pizza and pasta restaurant, pizza and pasta. I would recommend this place because of the beautiful atmosphere and the delicious food and great service (besides waiting for a table).

The waiters were very polite and they were really helpful because they recommended stuff and normally they were correct. Though the thing was it took about almost a half an hour to get a table. The overall service was good because they were really polite and helpful.

My overall experience was that it was amazing and it got 4 stars. I would go back because I love Italian food and it is my favorite type of food. I would recommend Eataly to anyone who loves Italian food or is Italian.


4 thoughts on “the one and only Eataly

  1. This food is making my mouth water! the food sounds awesome! I Literally want to go today. I love Italian food. (it’s one of my favorite kinds of food in the world!) I like how it smells like fresh baked bread and i bet you if I go there right when I get there I will start to get really really hungry. The waiters sound really nice, it’s kind that they suggest all kinds of different food. I like that they give the classical Italian appetizers. I really hope I get to go soon!

  2. Yummy! My mouth is literally watering right now man! I’ve been to Eataly before it is so good. Whats your favorite food they make? I need a recommendation.
    Also do you recommend trying their dessert?

  3. My mouth is watering without even reading the post yet! I was just reading the comments so I looked at the pictures and I was like 😮

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