Who is your favorite Pokemon?

What is your favorite Pokemon? Mine is Dedenne. Dedenne  is a electric and fairy type and some moves he can learn are play rough, attract, thunderbolt and thunder. I chose this Pokemon as my favorite Pokemon because he is a cute mouse who is in Pokemon X and Y and he is funny.  I even have a key chain of him. Here is some images of Dedenne and a link to a video called don’t drop that Dedenne. 


Please tell me in the comments what is your favorite Pokemon?


7 thoughts on “Who is your favorite Pokemon?

  1. hi noah, I think dedenne is a very good pokemon in competitive battling. Did you know it’s rank is not RU (which I though) But PU!

  2. Hi Noah! Dedenne is so cute! I love that you included a lot of pictures of Dedenne. I can tell that you LOVE Dedenne. my favorite pokemon is pikachu! I was even pikachu was pikachu for halloween! I also love that you had a link to the video don’t drop that dedenne.

  3. Dear Noah,
    I read your writing its nice. I dot really know what Pokemon is but that article gave me a little bit more things know about Pokemon.


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