Im back!

Im back! Summer over, schools here ,and i’m ready as ever to make new posts. I am changing many things on my blog i’m also making better posts heres whats new and coming soon.

* changing the theme

*changing my front screen

And more!

I had a great summer going to some amazing places like Canada and saw a majestic thing a ground squirrel heres what they look like.





My teacher for this year is Mr. Brodsky he’s a nice guy he used to teach 3rd grade and his favorite quote is “tough noogies”




Well that raps up this post, see you on my next post.


P.s let me know what you’d like to see.



my top ten least favorite pokemon


he is super fat and he has a big tongue




#ultra ugly




 he has the ugliest mouth







he is a chilled flying fish? What in the world




6.shiny Venipede

 gray slash red bug ewwww




5. crobat, Pokemon stadium

Image result for crobat pokemon stadium 2 whats not to hate.





 he looks almost like cacnea


 he is a ugly leaf


2. Parasect

 who would think of a crab with a mushroom and glasses and he is so ugly.




1. Cacnea

 Who would think of a dancing cactus?


octopus powers

Octopuses are amazing creatures they are super flexible, which means they can go through through small places an they have 8 tentacles and lets just say the octopus is being chased by a shark, well octopuses can squirt ink and get away. They also a master of camouflage.  Their are different types of octopuses like coconut octopuses which live in the coast of Lembeh  which is an Indonesian island. It is called the coconut octopus because it has a habit of hiding in a  empty coconut shell.

Image result for octopus


cavaliers lost:(

The cavaliers lost the finals of the NBA, I am really sad because the  Cleveland Cavaliers are my favorite basketball team. The series ended in 3-1 golden state the final score of game 5 was 120-129 golden state warriors. Maybe next year they will win ( I hope).


Breakout EDU

Image result for breakout edu

Breakout EDU is sort of like escape the room except you have to break into a box but their are locks and you are in a room and in the room their are clues all over and you need to put them together to crack locks and you can get hint’s to help you and its their is a time limit. (We also did with eleven Minutes.)

After that we had a question that we had to write about (which I am writing right now) and the question said “Why did your team succeed or fail in completing the challenge”. We’ll I say we did both because we physically succeed  but we failed because all of us were shouting and people could’t tell their answers.


We did two of them but the the difference in number one is that we never listened to anyone’s ideas, but in the second one we solved that problem.


I <3 kayaking

Two days ago I went to the Scarsdale pool to go kayaking and we were the only ones there (thanks coach S. W.) we paddled a touring kayak, a freestyle kayak, a white water kayak, and a recreational kayak. It was so fun! My favorite one is the white water kayak.




Doctor strange movie reveiw

Doctor strange (rated pg-13) is a adventure action fantasy it is my favorite movie directed by Scott Derrickson. It is about this billionaire who is a doctor in a hospital he has the perfect life, but one day he is driving and he has a car crash really bad and he ends up in a hospital he is better after a while he can walk but he cant use his hands and he spends all of his money trying to heal them but his friend tell’s him about this man who could never walk but he was healed and he wants to meet him and he does, and the guy tells him about his story and doctor strange goes where the guy told him and he learns from the ancient one about soucerer’s and she refuses to help but at one point she lets him in and Doctor Strange learns to be a hero and their is a bad guy named Kaecilius and he works for dormammu the leader of the dark dimension. This movie is a must watch and the actor of doctor strange is Benedict Cumberbatch I think this movie is 10 out of 10.

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