Self Driving Cars

A lot of people need self driving cars. Because if you can’t see you can trust the car and let it take you where you need to go. Also it can be t’s helpful be  because if just don’t want to drive for a reason then the car can drive. Also if it is helpful because you get a choice to drive yourself or let the car drive you.


We used circuts yesterday in class and it wasn a lot of fun! We used them to make a lightbulb turn on. We had to unscrew stuff and connect it to the wires of the battery and connect it to make it turn on. It was a little complicated. We had to brainstorm a lot of things to try to make it work. I finished it and I was very happy! Not a lot of people finished so that was a lot of fun using circuts!


We learned about yesterday in class that voltage can say how much power a battery has. Or anything that runs on battery. The way a battery dies is that when electrons move to the positive power there is no negative power so there is just positive power. no negative power just positive power. So the voltage says how much battery/energy. That is why voltage is very important because It lets you know how much battery there is in it.


  • Safety is very important everywhere, but especially in tech. You need to be safe in tech because you can really hurt yourself for someone else if you use the tool wrong. For example a soldier can get to 850 degrees. That is really hot and that can burn you very badly. Also a hot glue on high can be 248 degrees that can also burn you very bad. That is why you put the hot glue gun on low and on low is still very hot so you can not full around with any materials. Additionally the scissors can be very sharp. They have a very sharp blade. Unlike elementary school these tools have sharp blades and are very hot.

Blog Post #7

My presentation was amazing!!! I had a great time! The experience was amazing because I love performing in front of people. I memorized all of my script so I thought it was easier because I did not have to look at my script. When I got the momentum going it got and better better. I loved this experience because I Loved performing in front of everyone and getting feedback and watching everyone else perform their I loved it because I did really well and because I knew so much about my topic (Concerts!!!) The presentation was my favorite part because I love elaborating one my topic concerts. Also getting really interested in the topic I did because it taught me a lot and it was also a lot of FUN!!!

This is my presentation on concerts!!!

Ted Talk Presentation

My Ted Talk Presentation so far has gone amazingly! The experience has been amazing and also it has been so much fun! I memorized my script very well because I took the time during the day to memorize it, because I wanted to be ahead and I wanted to do really well on this project and I did. Putting the presentation together I think was my favorite and my my best part. I think this because I am very good at putting together slideshow presentations and I just love my topic!!! I loved this whole presentation so far and I can’t wait to finish it I love it and it has taught me so much amazing research about concerts and I loved putting it all together!!!

Site Visit

I went on my site visit to Forest Hills Stadium. I took pictures of everything. It was so cool. It  taught me about where all of the artists were going to be  before the concert. For example, I saw the dressing room. “Everyone that has been here loved the dressing room,” said Becca from Forest Hills Stadium. Everyone loved the furniture and the picture of the Beatles concert. I have been there a bunch of times, and there was so much that I’d never seen before, like the dressing room and under the stage.  Becca gave me the tour and her job is to make sure the fans have a great time. One of the cool things I’ve learned is that most outdoor stages are not as modern as the stages inside.  I was not nervous at all because I already knew these people. I knew them because my dad’s company helps put on the concerts. You might remember this from my previous blog posts.


I just did my interview and my site visit but, I will be just talking about my Interview right now. We all had to make up questions for the person we we’re interviewing,and they had to answer the questions. I interviewed more then one person I interviewed 4!!! First I interviewed Jt who helps artists make music. Next I interviewed Becca who runs a whole stadium called Forest Hills. She makes sure everyone is having a blast. Additionally I interviewed Jason, who also run the stadium but he is mostly in the technical stuff like the stage. Finally I interviewed Lubba, who is a promoter and he is the person who produces the concert. He tells the artist to perform here. The hardest part for me was what their answer was going to be. If they were going to say good question or not. The interview itself was so much fun and got much easier by my 3rd person. However it was harder for me because I had to make up new interview questions for each person because they each do something different. Overall I thought it was so much FUN!!!

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

I think that the book so far is amazing!!! I am so excited about what’s going to happen next. I think that the witch has the power right now because she is ruling this whole world called “Narnia”. One example by how she rolls “Narnia” is that she always make it winter without Christmas. Additionally she has a whole army that listen to whatever she says and if they don’t there is a punishment. She even has spies, who are trees and animals. In addition to this, she has a wand that puts people and animals under spells to give her what she wants from them. Finally,worst of all, if the spies don’t do what they are supposed to do then the Queen  makes them into a statue. Like Mr.Tumnus and he can’t even do anything about it, because the Queen literally rules him. So I hope you see how the Queen has all of the power in this book. these are my reasons why I think that the White Witch has the power in this part of the story.


Choosing A Topic

I can not believe the time has finally come to do Capstone!!! I am so excited!!! The process of choosing a topic was kind of hard at first but I really knew what I was doing so I got the hang of it. I wanted to do Apple but then I realized that was probably going to be boring. So I decided to do concert’s! And my dad’s business works for concert’s at A place called Forest Hills. I can not wait to get into this project it seems so much fun!!! Also my sister did it so I have some experience from hers. I am so happy on getting started on this project and can’t wait to learn some stuff about my topic, and of course have fun and get started!!!!!!!

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