The X’ed-Out X-Ray

In the A to Z  mystery The X’ed-Out X-Ray the detectives are Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose. Dink and Ruth Rose arm xrayare exited to see the concert! Josh didn’t want to go so to get him to go they made a deal he gets 2 hot dogs.  While at the concert during intermission they went on a carousel ride, and Dink fell off the carousel so they had to stop it and he got a bump on his forehead and scraped his arm. He fell off because someone was screaming so he leaned over to see what was going on and then he fell right over. So he went to the doctor to get a x-ray.

The person was screaming because while she was signing the persons autograph the person just snatched the necklace off of her neck and the person ran away so quickly that the person who was signing it couldn’t see who it was.  So now Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose are trying to figure out who stole the necklace…


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