Hello, world!

    Hello world

My name is Nathan I am 9 years old . In my spare time I like to play piano. I love to eat sushi . I also sometimes do a peloton .

One time I was at this piano contest called NYSSMA . There is judges the judges sit wright next  to you while you are playing piano . I was really scared that I would get a bad score. A month later I saw my score and it was the best you could get .

One time I went to eat Sushi at a restaurant with my dad for my birthday . At the restaurant  there was only one chef and one waiter the food was so good. My dad said ,” the food is good because the chef takes his time .

The first time I was on peloton I did a scenic ride .A peloton is a bike for adults A scenic ride is when you pick a place for your ride . One time I took my foot of the pedal and the peloton went crazy . Feel free  to comment  my blog .

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