Francisco Vasquez by Nathan

wikiwand for the picture The important  thing about Francisco is that Francisco was an spanish explorer  who discovered Mexico. Another important thing about Francisco is that he became governor of New Galicia a province that is Northwest of Mexico city .

Coronado was 25 when he traveled to go to New Spain which is now Mexico . In 1540 Coronado and his expedition began their search to the Seven Golden cities . Coronado and his men traveled  one thousand five hundred miles . Coronado’s group was the largest groups to travel to the Americas .One of the things he discovered was the Grand canyon. But the most important thing is that he discovered Mexico.


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5 thoughts on “Francisco Vasquez by Nathan

  1. Wow!!!!!!!
    I had no idea Francisco discovered “New Spain”. I wonder who named New Spain Mexico. I’m so interested about Francisco. I’m defiantly using the links you put in.
    He was ONLY 22 when he discovered New Spain?????!!!!! That’s very young!
    Was he the first person to discover New Spain? You did a wonderful job !

  2. Dear Nathan,
    Wow! Can’t believe someone so young discovered Mexico! Who named New Spain Mexico? Did he get the land for his people?

  3. Good job Nathan! I never knew that he discovered Mexico. And he was only 22! I probably won’t be exploring when I’m 22. It was amazing to know about this person who discovered, “New Spain.” or Mexico.


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