Personal Essay

`What people need to know is that siblings are not always kind. I have two siblings. One of my siblings is named Teddy and he is seven years old. My youngest brother is named Eric. Eric is four years old. My siblings make teams, get each other angry,and curse to me.


One of the times they cursed to me was when they were taking me home from after school clubs. My brother found this nut when he was picking me up from after school clubs. When we got home, I took the nut out of the car. Then my brother cursed to me. Sometimes me and my brothers get mad at each other. When we get mad at each other my brothers say bad words and then my name.


The second reason is that we used teams to fight. My dad said we should be on the same team. A few years ago my brothers did to make teams. For example they said, “your not on my team.” I did not like that. Again, my dad said we are all on the same team.

Reason three is that Teddy makes Eric angry. One time we were making pancakes on a Saturday morning. Teddy said to Eric,” I get to mix first”. Then Eric started crying. This affects me because I have nothing to play with. Then my dad said,’’ Teddy, go to your room”. Teddy said, “I won’t go to my room.” One time I was having a sleepover with my friend. My brothers were playing dominoes. Teddy messed up Eric’s domino  board. Eric said, “Teddy stop it.”


Other people should care about this because it might be happening to you. My siblings fight less and are being kind more. This essay is important because you should know that siblings are not always kind.


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