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Former U.S. First Lady And Literacy Champion, Barbara Bush, Dies At 92

In the article  Former U.S. First Lady And Literacy Champion, Barbara Bush died at age 92 , Diane Christiansen explains that Barbara Bush died. I will be writing the important things that I think about the article.


She was born in the “ upscale town in Rye New York”. Her birthday is “June 8 1925 ”. Barbara Bush died on “ April 17 2017.” She “met her future husband at a school dance when she was just 16 years old”


“On Saturday, April 22, over 1000 mourners, including four of the five living former presidents, from across the country, gathered at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, in Houston, Texas to  honor and remember Barbara Bush.” She “suffered from a series of health complications.


Barbara Bush “ was a strong supporter of women’s rights”. In “ her 1990 speech for “ the graduating class of Wellesley.  She said “Somewhere out in this audience may even be someone who will one day follow my footsteps and preside  over the White House as the president’s spouse. I wish him well.”


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  1. Dear nathan,
    I think that it is sad that Barbara Bush died. I really liked your blog and how you used pictures.


  2. Dear Nathan,
    I really liked your article, you did a good job. I also really liked that you explained how she was a good person and that she is remembered. Great job! I can not wait to read your next current event.

    From: Heather

  3. Dear Nathan,
    I think it was smart to choose this article. It is very sad that Barbara Bush died.
    I will miss her.
    Your friend, Nico

  4. Wow Finny great article I think you did an amazing job on writing and in your flipgrid.I also want to know more about her.

  5. Dear Nathan, it is very sad that Barbara Bush died. She was a romodel for children and people all around the country. You did such a good current event. From,

  6. Dear Nathan,
    I loved your post.It made me shed tears.I think your picture goes really well with your post.I think your post is very organized and well written.
    Great Job.

  7. To Nathan:
    I think that you chose a good article.I think that it is really sad that Barbara Bush died. My great grandma died at 99 years old! I hope that a lot of people live to that old age. I like the picture that you put on you post!
    From: Emma

  8. Dear Nathan,
    You did a great job with your current. It is very sad that she died earlier this week. Barbra Bush was a very important person Great job Nathan👍

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