4th Grade

The best thing we did in fourth grade was going on field trips. We went on five field trips in fourth grade. Some of the field trips were kayaking at the Scarsdale Pool, Wayside Cottage, and the Marble  Schoolhouse. Some other field trips are Saint Paul Church and the Philharmonic Orchestra at Purchase College. Continue reading

Personal Essay

`What people need to know is that siblings are not always kind. I have two siblings. One of my siblings is named Teddy and he is seven years old. My youngest brother is named Eric. Eric is four years old. My siblings make teams, get each other angry,and curse to me. Continue reading

Nonfiction Unit

In the reading lessons that we did with Mr . De Berry we learned how to do things with nonfiction reading. One  of the things we learned is nonfiction text structures . One of the nonfiction text structures is problem / solution In problem/ solution the book asks a  .  and then the book answers the question .  Another text structure is  cause and effect  . In cause and effect there is a cause of something and then a effect . We also learned structures to take notes in . For example one text structure is compare and contrast . Also another text structure is boxes and bullets . Another thing we learned is how  to check  if a informational text is qualified  the researchers ask questions . Who wrote this text ? Who  reviewed  the text that I am reading . When was this text published ?                        We studied about weather in groups . Continue reading