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Hi guys. For the past two months, my class was doing a nonfiction weather reading unit. We worked with 4B and were assigned to groups made out of my class (4A) and Ms.Bergers class (4B). As a group, Mr.DeBerry taught us many things including how to summarize nonfiction text, identifying text structures, finding trustworthy sites, how nonfiction books are organized, and more. We used charts to help us. For example, we might make a chart on bad summaries and good summaries. Each day we got better and better at reading nonfiction text. I definitely got better at nonfiction reading. I hope that as time goes on I will like to read nonfiction a lot more.


The hardest part of our weather research was that it was hard to work as a team. We had a few conflicts as a group where people were arguing and deleting slides. But we worked well together. Normally I prefer to work alone rather than working as a team but I had a really fun time working with my group. I don’t think I would ever be able to achieve all the work we did by myself.


First, we had one topic mine was Hurricanes. We had to research a lot about that topic. Then we made a google slide about it and presented it in front of 4A and 4B. After that the next step was switching our topic, so the topic I got was tornadoes. Then we repeated the process we did before. 

Here’s my slide


My favorite part of the nonfiction unit was making the slides and presenting them to 4B and 4A. I liked making the slides because we gotta design them and make it our own. We added pictures and text to our slides. It was very fun.

Here’s the link to my Flipgrid


Altogether the project was fun. I loved how at the end we got to see how all our hard work paid off. I hope to do something like this again in the future.    



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  1. I like how you put your thoughts and feelings while you were in the reading unit in the post. It makes it easier to connect. Your post was really good, and I think you explained everything very well.

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