Finish It (number 4) sort of . . .

Okay so you noticed in the title it was a little bit fishy -it said Finish It (number 4) sort of . . .- I said sort of . . . that’s because today i’m not going to do a normal finish it! In this one i’ll be finishing your stories!! You comment the beginning of a story and i’ll reply the end of it! (please start a story I would love to finish it!)

2 Thoughts.

  1. Darkness. In the abandoned subway, I quietly walked up to the tracks. For a moment, I felt a gentle breeze on my back. Bracing myself, I faced the direction the breeze came from. Silence. I nervously walked back to the tracks but they weren’t there. Instead, I saw a body lying on the ground. It whispered: “Evil…Go….Danger…”. Then he said nothing. I backed up nervously and bumped into something cold. The thing radiated a weird aura, like all the evil thoughts in the world. Very nervously, I turned around.

  2. And saw a man. He didn’t have any facial features, no eyes, no ears, not even a mouth nothing a normal human would have. His face was completely white. He was holding a shiny machete it had a hint of red on it. Blood? He kept on walking towards me slowly, but not too slow. I turned around to make a run for it, I started to run faster and faster. I looked behind me. He wasn’t there. When I looked in front of me we were face to face he lifted up his machete and whispered “Sorr . . . ow,” I braced myself for pain when the strange figure collapsed. I ran home and vowed never to tell a soul about that mysterious night.

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