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  1. Dear Nico.
    I like how you explained every single piece of equipment with detail. It was a very good video, and I like your video a lot.

    From Jake.

  2. Dear Nico,
    I liked that you spoke clearly and did not mumble.You explained everything you need to be a printer with a lot of detail. I think your pictures were conected with what you wanted to say. I also like that you told how big the equipment is. I really liked your costume.
    ———————————————-Caterina Decataldo————————————————–

  3. Nico I liked that you spoke loud so I could hear you.I also liked your pictures. My favorite thing is that you explanied the tools.

  4. Is that like, green screen? The technology behind it is chroma key. Chroma key is a special technology that is triggered by color sensors. Just an FYI 🙂

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