National Donut Day

Fridays are always the best days of the week. But Friday June 1 will be even better. It’s National donut day. Which means you have to consume one or maybe if your extra hungry a dozen donuts. This holiday was created by the salvation army to raise funds for the needy. Some donut manufacturers give discounted or free donuts on National donut day. In case you are not able to get a donut this Friday, November 5 is also National Donut day and on September 14 (my birthday) is National Cream Filled Donut day. Although donuts are very American treats, similar treats are in different countries.

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  1. Dear Nico,
    Rumble Rumble
    Sorry that is my stomach. You made me hungry.
    I don’t have a favorite donut because there is to many to pick from.
    From, Shea

  2. I think you choose a good article, it is really interesting. My favorite donut flavor is Boston cream and I like the place krispy kreme, but I don’t get donuts that often. What is your favorite flavor and place

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