End of year review

I am ambivalent towards the ending of the school year. I am excited to move on and grow up but also a part of me will miss sixth grade. All though I had multiple bad experiences this year, tech was not one of them. I never found myself wishing I was doing something else and was always excited to learn new things and build new projects. In the end tech this year completely surpassed my expectations and My only regret is that it had to be through ZOOM.

Technology Project 6

Yesterday was a very unique and special day compared to the others, instead of building a project we watched a video and answered questions.  This was a great change of scenery although to be honest it wasn’t as fun as building hands on but I still enjoyed it a lot. Overall it was a pretty fun project and I am sad that the school year is coming to an end.

Technology Project 5

Yesterday we made Electroscopes, it was probably my least favorite project so far. It was very interesting, but in my opinion it was a bit boring, at least compared to making catapults. Another thing was that it was probably the hardest project, and considering that the hardest and most time consuming project was actually not that fun is very unfortunate. Overall it was very interesting and I learned a lot but it wasn’t my favorite and I think that the next tech project will be better.

Tech so far

This week we had no project so I’m going to be writing about my thoughts on tech so far. First of all it is obviously a very different experience than my other quarterlies because we are doing everything via the Internet. The many great things about tech is the NEARPODS which allow me to do things however fast or slow I want, another thing  I like is that it is a zoom that is pretty late so I can sleep in if I want! Overall though, it is easily my favorite quarterly and Mr. Calvert is one of my favorite teachers too!

Technology Project 4

Yesterday we had maybe the most fun and the coolest technology project. We got to make catapults! We were given two designs to chose from, one had more popsicle sticks and less rubber band and the other had more rubber bands and less popsicle sticks. I chose the first one mainly because it seemed easier and I am not very confident in my ability to make catapults. It ended up turning out great and I shot dimes and penny’s. The best part about this was I got to shoot things a at my brother! Overall I think this was the best project so far, I had lots of fun.

Technology Project 3

Yesterday I had a lot of fun with Fab Maker Studio. It is a super cool program where you can essentially make 3D objects 2D so you can print them out, cut them, and then fold it so it is a paper version of the 3D shape. I experimented with a ton of designs but in the end it was a little too confusing for me so I just printed the step by step one. It was really interesting building it and just the concept of it was something that was unfamiliar to me, so I really enjoyed learning about it. Overall this weeks project was a blast and I can’t wait to do next weeks project!

Technology Project 2

Yesterday, I worked on a super fun tech project. This time we focused on trusses and how triangles are the strongest shape. What I did was make two cubes, one with trusses and one without. After multiple tests that consisted applying weight onto the cubes I found that, as expected, the one with trusses didn’t brake when the simple cube fell apart. Overall I had so much fun with this project and I am super excited to see what’s next!

Technology Project 1

Yesterday I did my first tech project, I had a lot of fun with it. The project focused on the strength of an I-beam compared to the strength of a “cardboard sandwich.” I found that after a series of tests the I-beam was much stronger, my tests consisted of positioning my beam across to tissue boxes like a bridge and then placing quarters in the middle of them. The results were, as I said before, the I-beam was way stronger I think this was because the I-beam was supported through the entire beam when the “cardboard sandwich” was only supported on the ends. Overall I had a bunch of fun and my favorite part was that I was able to build something cool with materials I have lying around my house!

Scratch Math Project

I had the most fun on the scratch math project. It was super cool how I was able to create a math question and people could answer it and I could choose what the response would be if they got it wrong or right. I learned a lot of new cool stuff, most of the code in the project was brand new to me so I thought  it was all super interesting. The fact that I was able to make something like that from practically nothing really amazes me and makes me proud of what I did.

Scratch game design

I played Tavish’s maze. I thought that it was really good, especially the obstacle that moved around the game. I really enjoyed that there was music when you lost or won, I thought it was super neat that it wasn’t just a super easy maze and it took me a couple of tries to complete it. The one thing that wasn’t great is the scoring system, I did not understand how it worked. Overall it was a great game.


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