Desert Food Web


This is a desert food web. The producers of this food web are the Cacti and the Joshua Tree. Next comes the primary consumers. Primary consumers are often herbivores, the primary consumers in my food web are Squirrels, Rabbits, and insects. On the top of my food web are the secondary consumers. They’re mostly carnivores, the ones in my food web are Foxes, Owls, Snakes, Woodpeckers, and Lizards. The decomposers in a food web break apart dead animals, without them, there would be dead animal carcasses on the streets . . . that wouldn’t be fun! The decomposer in my food web is bacteria.


Finish It (number 2)

I was forced into the arena. My ears were ringing with the chants of the crowd. It was time for me to battle. I slowly dragged my feet on the sand to the middle of the battle field I saw a big bulky figure walking towards me . . . (please finish the story in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts!!!)

Finish it (number 1)

I was on my way to school when I saw a faint green light in an alleyway a few yards away. I hustled over to it. I peered at the light, wondering what it was. My curiosity got the best of me and I swiped at the bright light. Little did I know that would change my life forever. I felt a sudden surge of energy. I left the alleyway thinking it was just my imagination, but at lunch, I felt different . . . (please comment the end of this story, I would love to know your ideas!)


Credit to my twin brother Julian for the idea








The Important Thing About Charles Darwin

The Important Thing About Charles Darwin 

The important thing about Charles Darwin is that he developed the theory of evolution. He wrote a book about natural selection called the Origin Of Species. It talked about how the behavior and physical appearance of animals change over time. Charles Darwin went on a voyage around the world for five years on the HMS Beagle. He studied the finches on the Galapagos islands. But the Important thing about Charles Darwin is that he developed the theory of evolution.

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I’m back!

Nico is back! Here are a few things I do in my free time, I play soccer, read, play video games, and do mock parkour. I’m in fourth grade and live in New York when I grow up I want to be an electrical engineer. I have a twin brother and two sisters.

   Once in soccer we had a day where we were shooting, it was a competition we all lined up ready to shoot I knew I was going to do bad but when I was up to shoot I gave it my all and the ball went right in the top corner I was amazed I couldn’t believe my eyes.

In mock parkour, I can do safety rolls, dive rolls, safety vaults, normal vaults, after school me and my friends always do mock parkour. Once I was climbing a tree branch to jump off, and it was at least 6 feet high when CRACK! It broke off when I was on it I  fell onto the muddy floor with a branch on top of me but I didn’t feel hurt at all and I didn’t have any scratches.                                          

My favorite book is One Piece, It’s an amazing manga about pirates. Just so you know it reads right to left  ☜. I’m on book 20 out of 87! here’s a link to buying the first book ONE PIECE LINK

When I am older I wanna be an electrical engineer because they will play a big role in the future. In the future, the world will be full of technology. I also love building and tinker with stuff. Once my brother and I took apart his old Nerf gun to see what was inside. It was really fun!

I LOVE dogs I had one when I was younger but she died ): my favorite breed is a black Labrador Retriever because there SUPER CUTE.Here’s a link to more information about black labs LINK 

Here are a few questions I have to ask you what do you want to be when you grow up, what is your favorite book, and what do you do for fun. Bye! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


I Want A Dog

I really want a dog and you won’t let us get one. Everyday I see someone walking an adorable puppy or dog and I feel so jealous. The people who walk the dog or puppy look so happy. We should get a dog or puppy. I would have more exercise. And don’t you want me to be healthy? Also I would get off the computer and I know you don’t want me on the computer.

Don’t you want me to be happy? If we got a dog I would be the happiest boy in the world. For example not too long ago I went to Tavish’s house and his dog was so cute, fun to play with and really nice. He has a dog and he’s happy. Also if I’m sad I could play with it or if I was bored I could also play with it.

If we got a dog every day I would help walk it. Also I would be very careful crossing the street. I would look both ways and make sure no cars were going. I would clean up after it. Wouldn’t  you want me to be helpful? For instance I could help another way by giving it food and water.  You wouldn’t have to ask me every day, I would just do it.

Exercise is good because it would make me more healthy.  Don’t you want me to stop playing video games and get more exercise? Well clearly I would if we got a dog. I wouldn’t be inside all day because I would be playing in the backyard with the dog. I could play fetch with it and chase it.

I know you and Julian are allergic and you don’t think there are actually hypoallergenic dogs, but there are. For example a poodle and a xoloitzcuintli are both hypoallergenic dogs. There are lots of breeds that people who are allergic have and they are hypoallergenic.

We need to get a dog. I would be much more happy. I would get a lot more exercise. Finally I would help a lot more often. Our furry friend is waiting for us right now, so let’s get a dog.



All About My Life

My name is Nicolas except I prefer being called Nico. I was born in NYC but now I live in Scarsdale. I love to play video games in my free time. I also enjoy playing some sports like football and soccer. I have 3 siblings, I have a twin brother and 2 older sisters. I am the youngest of my family.  My favorite numbers are 6 and 12. Also my favorite football team is the New England Patriots. My favorite animal is a baby Snub Nosed Monkey. My favorite foods are cheeseburgers or hamburgers with french fries. I love to watch Youtube and my favorite youtuber is PrestonPlayz. Hope you enjoy reading about my life.

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