Welcome to MATHinfinity!

Welcome to… MATHinfinity!(run by nbreslow24@scarsdaleschools.org). This math blog posts fun facts about math., KA-RAY-ZEE equations, and best of all… the problem of the week!  Also, feel free to write in with your thoughts. Since this blog posts almost daily you might want to know the schedule:

Monday: Preview for the week, and the week title( ex. Cool-week, Math-Week, Think-Week)

Tuesday: Three fun facts/equations about math PLUS one custom fact/equation/my opinion that matches the theme of the week.

Wednesday: One  KA-RAY-ZEE equation or comparison(that will somehow involve the name of the week).

Thursday: The special math event for the week.

Friday: The AWESOME math problem of the week(note: this math problem doesn’t always go with the theme).

Weekends Off!

Now, as the schedule up there states,  Monday is the preview of the week, so the name of this week is…

Intro Week!

Our schedule for this week is…

Monday: Hey, that’s now!

Tuesday: Three fun facts/equations and “Which subject should be learned first, multiplication or division?”(this is my opinion so feel free to write in with your own thoughts!)

Wednesday: Which was is bigger, INTRO or WELCOME?

Thursday: “Which math subjects relate to which math subjects?”(this is my opinion so feel free to write in with your own thoughts!)

Friday: What will the math problem of the week be?

Singing off, see you tomorrow for the first day of this blog. I hope you will math life up all the way to infinity!

*Remember I may miss a day of blogging, I will be back soon. This blog will continue for at least a month.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to MATHinfinity!

    1. Hey Elliot. I can’t wait to do some math too! Free cool equation 100!/99! = 100. We can talk about what we think of this tomorrow. Signing off – MATHinfinity

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