The Pieces (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2

The Levi-Van

Project Landfill has been around for at least eight years. I knew it was going to happen someday. My city’s very existence clung to the fact the pulsar boxes were not yet ready. But then all too soon they were, and before long they were teleported to Alaska, Australia, Greenland, Maine, Scandinavia, and Siberia. Within a year, the Government Agents, along with the help of construct-bots, had situated the pulsar boxes on nuclear fission reactors. Within another month or so the pulsar boxes were ready to do what they were supposed to do. Destroy and level.

Project Landfill is telling humanity that it is making more land for everyone and making transportation easier. With the help of LF Rovers – rovers that can make land rise out of the sea – Project Landfill plans to build Land Bridges connecting all six continents. (The chunks of ice near the South Pole just weren’t worth it.)  To connect the continents with these bridges, Project Landfill would have to destroy certain cities. And our city, The City of Jocy Mane, despite being around for almost one thousand years, was marked with a big, fat, red, bullseye!

Of course, that is just what Project Landfill tells everybody. In the files that Sophie and I downloaded back when we first met, we saw there was much more to Project Landfill’s real plan. It was a plan for world domination. To eliminate all resistance. To somehow (what the “somehow” wasn’t listed) turn people into servants. The real Project Landfill isn’t helping the world. They are bent on taking over the world. And making their leader king.

The President Of Project Landfill, or the “POPL”, leads Project Landfill. According to the files, the POPL wants to be the king of the world, and he is using Project Landfill to accomplish it. The whole “continents must be connected for better transportation” thing was just a distraction for the POPL. While people were busy with the continents shifting, the POPL would be busy taking over the world and using pulsar boxes to destroy enemy cities that disliked Project Landfill, like Jocy Mane. But I had no idea how his plan would progress from the destruction of Jocy Mane.

And that brings me to where I am now. Hovering in the levi-pod, looking out at perfectly level, flat, ground. The city isn’t in ruins. It’s worse than that. It’s gone. Tears fill my eyes as I look out at the barren plain. I look out and continue to mourn. But I know I don’t have much more time to look out of the levi-pod. All too soon, Emo chirps “The escort is here, Kate.”

I watch this huge, gigantic, levitating monolith float into view. A mechanical voice booms “Evacuees, you shall now proceed to the levi-van. I repeat you shall now proceed to the levi-van.”

Ha! Like we have a choice. The levitating monolith, or the levi-van, is already sending out its mag-pulse. It will hijack the controls of our levi-pods and send us flying into the levi-van. “Mag-pulse is starting! Prepare to be drawn in!” the Mechanical voice announces. In response, my levi-pod goes wild.

The joystick began to move on it’s own, navigating the levi-pod towards our “escort”. I try using the brainwave transmitter, but my transmission STOP NOW! falls on deaf ears.

The levi-van will take us to a place called a levi-port. There, we will be “relocated”. In other words, through some random mind-reading machine, they will mercilessly plop us in some city that they think “fits us”. What I really think would be best for me is if I could go to New York City, one of the best and most quiet cities on earth. I want to see their Ancient Theater, a place where they still perform plays with human actors. They are currently performing the only recorded play from the pre-technological era, Hamilton.

But I’m not going to see Hamilton, or New York City, for a long, long time. It costs thirty billion dollars just to buy one five room apartment there. If you want a roof apartment, complete with artificial habitats, like my family had back in Jocy Mane, it costs four hundred billion dollars. My family, making two billion bucks a year (or five hundred million with all of our expenses paid), is not going to get an apartment in the most expensive city in the world. We will most likely go to one of two places. The Eurasian Ceva (a very, very big city), which encompasses more land than South America, or we could go to the better place, the South African Port, a city known for low prices and wonderful living.

But before I could dream of New York City any longer, my levi-pod broke through the field of the levi-van. My levi-pod shook so hard I thought I would faint. Then it was over, well the shaking part anyway. A weird voice entered my levi-pod. “Genome Scan. Genome Scan ” crackled the static voice. Oh no! This thing was going to do a turbo scan on my DNA. Sure, it only took two seconds, but it was painful! My whole body tingled as the genome scan hit me. “Family identified! Hivo family! Full name Kate Hivo!” the voice commanded, “Prepare for transport!”

Then this huge robotic tube materialized in front of the levi-pod. It made a gurgling sound and spat something onto my levi-pod’s roof. “Emo, what is that?” Emo’s voice whirred to life, and he said “A hyper magnet. The magnetic force that it generates is so great, that it can be accessed by another hyper magnet over 200 miles away.” Wait? What! The levi-van was about 200 miles long. That seemed to be a perfect fit. Oh no…

The tube made a whirring sound and then my levi-pod was sucked into the tube. Suspicions confirmed. They were using hyper magnets to attract me to some random place in the levi-van. I continued to fall through the tube. The blackness seemed that it would never end. Up and down, up and down, my stomach couldn’t take much more of this.

Then, just when I gave up hope that I would ever get out of this labyrinth, I saw a light in the distance. I hurdled toward it. It got bigger and then PLOP. I had landed in some sort of bubble. Then, a helper-bot approached me and said: “Your levi-pod is being confiscated.” Just like that, my levi-pod was gone. I dropped through the bubble and looked around. It took me a few seconds, but I could make out Mom, Dad, and Sam. My family was here.

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